What makes your readers tick? In the world of insta-everything keeping them glued till the end can be a challenge. Writing long-form is about reaching into the psyche of your readers to know their ‘whys’, ‘whens’ ‘whos’ and ‘hows’. It’s my job to find those answers and keep the words flowing.


When a text or copy just doesn’t read right, sounds clunky,┬áis outdated or just plain muddled, I can rework it to bits till it flows like a breath of fresh air.




Content writing


A company or an organisation without a functional and up-to-date website is a major downside. It’s often the first point of contact for your potential clients. Needless to say content is king. When it comes to the quality of content the same applies to brochures, company profiles, newsletters, EDMs and advertisements. Evidently, every word counts on limited real estate to sell your message and/or brand. What’s more, content sets the tone to your brand or message.

Want to inspire, intrigue or draw a laugh? You can find the creative ammunition right here.



Press Releases

Make sure your brand achievement, product launch or company milestone is made newsworthy and earns the mileage it deserves. Let’s get straight to the point while the news is still sizzling.




Gone are all typos and spelling and grammatical errors, removed with a fine tooth comb to give you a clean and presentable copy.