Cassowary, Kuranda, Barron River, North Queensland

Top 3 things to do in Kuranda

The home of lush tropics, coastal landscapes and quaint little tourist townships, North Queensland offers the complete gamut of experiences for the discerning traveller. This means that you can pace yourself across a number of activities ranging from the adventurous to the laid-back.

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Port Douglas waterfront

We put ourselves up in Port Douglas about one hour north of Cairns. Although a popular township with its own inherent charm, we found Cairns preferable as a base with better access to attractions and greater choices of restaurants and accommodation. Cairns is also an idyllic city with relaxed walkways, an inviting atmosphere and alfresco dining.

While in Cairns, the man-made beach is worth a visit especially as the City cools down by dusk. Fanned by balmy sea breezes and veiled in ambient lighting, it’s the perfect setting for a relaxed stroll to soothe any travel fatigue.

From Port Douglas we made an hour’s drive back to Kuranda. Here are our top experiences in this popular destination. Continue reading →


Cast Not The Day by Paul Waters

I purchased Cast Not The Day new doc 2018-06-05 18.56.12_1 for a bargain price at a book sale some months ago and it was in danger of gathering dust along with a number of other desolate ‘unreads’.  To be frank, I didn’t expect to enjoy the book judging by the blurb. A cursory read through the first pages was just as unconvincing. Continue reading →


Peter Bence in Melbourne

He blew up the internet with his jaw-dropping renditions of pop favourites. He’s now on tour in Australia and thrilled the audience of a sold out show at the National Theatre in Melbourne.

2018-04-23-PHOTO-00005590Haven’t heard of Peter Bence? It’s time you got acquainted. If for no other reason, simply because there’s nothing quite like him out there. Continue reading →